Urban Forestry - Environmental Education


The urban forest refers to all vegetation, both public and private, which is found growing in cities, towns, and communities throughout America. Urban Forestry is the careful care and management of urban forests, i.e, tree populations in urban settings for the purpose of improving the urban environment.
Road leading to tress and a house

Mountlake Terrace is known for its large expanse of trees growing along streets and streams, in parks and natural areas, and in neighborhoods and residential yards. When walking around the city, note that wherever you see trees you are seeing part of the urban forest. These trees provide important benefits to all residents of the city. Because human activity disrupts natural forest processes, people have an important role in maintaining and enhancing the urban forest.

Benefits of Our Urban Forest: 

  • Energy Conservation
  • Reduces Air Pollution
  • Water Quality and Erosion Control
  • Increased Property Values
  • Benefits to the Economic Environment
  • Beautification

Today, thousands of trees and over 268 acres of parks and natural areas grace our city. Thanks to the ongoing efforts including local citizens, our urban forest continues to contribute to the City's well-being. But, to assure the future existence of our urban forest, everyone must work collectively to protect and enhance this vital asset. Learning how to properly plant, maintain, and preserve your own trees is the most effective action any citizen can take.