Street Lighting

Street lighting within the City is provided by fixtures owned and maintained separately by the Snohomish County Public Utility District Number 1 (PUD), the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT), and the City.

For this reason, you are asked to call the City and not PUD or WSDOT to report a malfunctioning light. When the City receives your report, staff determines who is responsible for maintaining the particular light, and requests that it be repaired.

Reporting Street Light Outages

The City is asking for your help in reporting malfunctioning streetlights. Should you notice a streetlight out or cycling (turning on and off repeatedly during the night), contact City of Mountlake Terrace Public Works at 425-670-8264.

Please be as specific as possible when reporting the location of the streetlight. The closest street address is necessary to determine the location of the light. Some lights have a large number, 10 or 15 for example, on the underside of the light hood. This number is an abbreviation indicating the wattage of the light. Other numbers may be visible, such as ?S-01054".

This is an example of a PUD light designation that will also help to more closely locate the light. Report this number, if possible, along with the closest street address. Thanks for your assistance.