Evergreen Playfield #3 Turf Infield and Lights

Project Overview

The Evergreen Playfield Complex is located in the heart of the city. Evergreen Playfield #3, or Enbom Field, is ball diamond that is located at the corner of 56th Ave. W and 224th St. SW. The facility has a traditional dirt infield with grass outfield, wood light poles and metal halide lighting fixtures designed and constructed in the late 1970’s. This facility does not meet current ADA standards nor is it efficient to maintain due to its aging infrastructure. The city was awarded multiple grants in 2021 to convert the field into a modern facility that can withstand rainy northwest weather. This project will include a conversion from the current dirt infield surface to a synthetic turf surface with drainage, underlayment, infill material, new LED lights, new field fencing, improved pathways, major removals of bleacher structures and the broadcast booth.

Project Timeline and Costs

Estimated Completion: November 2023

Total estimated cost: $1.479 million